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Falling, digital photograph, 2010

Water City
An Exhibition by Kim Anno
April 23 – May 28, 2011
Opening Saturday, April 23, 7–10pm

SKYDIVE is pleased to announce Water City, a solo exhibition by San Francisco based artist Kim Anno. Kim has shown work in various national and international locations including the Berkeley Art Museum, Orange County Museum, and the Varnosi Museum in Hungary. Anno is the chair of the Painting Program at California College of the Arts. In Water City Anno’s new videos and photos address her concern around the intersection of art and science, particularly in aesthetic issues surrounding climate change and water. Anno states about her recent work, “Climate change and the rising level of the oceans, and the issue of water in itself has become a central focus in my work. I am performing hydrodynamic experiments in labs, tanks, creeks, rivers, oceans, and various other bodies of water.”  Anno will include footage from a recent trip to Galveston in the exhibition.



Still from the performance, "Just Add Water"
at Alameda Island, CA, 2010

The Doubtful Bureaucrat Comes Home
A Performance by Lauren Marsden
April 23, 2011, 8pm

SKYDIVE is pleased to announce a one-night performance by Lauren Marsden, entitled The Doubtful Bureaucrat Comes Home. Marsden’s performance will happen in conjunction with Water Cities, a solo exhibition by Kim Anno.  Marsden, from British Columbia, Canada, was a member of the fifty fifty arts collective as well as the Vancouver Public Art Committee. She received an MFA in Social Practice from the California College of the Arts. Marsden uses costumes, scripts, speeches, and ceremonial actions while assuming a rotating cast of characters in her performances.  Taking on various kinds of public personas these characters, often feminized and allegorical, attempt to embody places and situations.



the hand that moves, 12" x 8.75", collage, 2011

An Exhibition and Performance by Man Bartlett
March 5 – April 9, 2011
SKYDIVE Art Space, Houston, TX

SKYDIVE is pleased to present NEW SOME, an exhibition and performance by New York artist Man Bartlett. For his Texas debut, Bartlett will be exhibiting a selection of his drawings – comprised of thousands of tiny circles or dots – and new collages, which are crafted from travel magazine advertisements of the 1950s and '60s. The drawings invoke themes of order and chaos, while the collages, collectively named the consumables, explore gender/identity mash-ups, retro-consumerism, and travel.

In addition to these works on paper, the artist will be staging #24hClerk, a 24-hour performance from SKYDIVE beginning Saturday, March 5th. As with many of his other performance-based pieces, #24hClerk will involve Bartlett repeatedly performing a specific act for an extended period of time. He will rely on audience participation, via social media, to help shape the performance. (Articles on previous performances: #24hCycle, #class)

Although the drawings, collages, and performance making up NEW SOME are individual bodies of work dealing with their own individual themes, they collectively reinforce the dynamic and meticulous nature of Bartlett's multidisciplinary art practice.





January 22 – February 27, 2011
SKYDIVE Art Space, Houston, TX

Heidi Brar
Sarrita Hunn
Trinh Nguyen
Melanie Pankau
Laurie Reid in collaboration with Ben Echeverria
Leah Rosenberg
Kathryn VanDyke

SKYDIVE is pleased to announce CHUNKS, the first exhibition in the new location at 2041 Norfolk Street. CHUNKS is a group show about playful experiments with things that don't quite fall in the painting or the sculpture category, but could be considered to be CHUNKS. CHUNKS explores the work of emerging and mid-career artists who employ the language of painting in other dimensions, and in a variety of materials, including digital media.

at right: Static_banner (logo), 2011, Sarrita Hunn.





The Space Between the Sound
June 4 – July 3, 2010
2318 Elgin, Houston, TX 77004

SKYDIVE is pleased to announce a musical performance and installation organized by it’s long-time musicians-in-residence, Marcus Cone and Ian Travis of the band Chin Xaou Ti Won. They have invited a select group of local noise musicians to perform on opening night. Adela Andea will be collaborating with Chin Xaou Ti Won to create an installation to be incorporated in the performance.

In addition to Skydive’s normal hours 1-5 on Saturday, Chin Xaou Ti Won will be using the studio for recording music through out the show. To stop by or to participate in a recording email

The sound waves combined with visual technophilia are materialized in a full gallery installation and performance that engages the viewer/spectator to become part of the show. The show is undergoing change, from destabilizing senses and experimental sound compositions.

Musical Guests Opening Night:

Endless Blinding Sunshine, Endless Blinding Sunshine is Steve Matis and Carlos Pozo from Houston, Texas. Primarily a live performance outfit, Endless Blinding Sunshine uses feedback and effects to create minimal drones and ambient noise.

Chin Xaou Ti Won, Chin Xaou Ti Won is a Houston-based Synth-pop/contemporary classical duo, comprised of Marcus Cone and St-Michel. The music draws on heavily from 80's New Wave, Anime-Pop/Video Game Music and 20th Century Minimalism - all belted out on a stack of synths, electronics and walls of percussion. Often dubbed by critics as film music, CXTW's music is built strongly around melodies, ranging from the simplistic, yet catchy, to the lush and contemplative.

T.E.F, An active member of Houston’s Noise scene for over a decade, T.E.F is noise-music with an ambient intention.

Zer0-sum, Dark Ambient music with a classical edge.

Guest Artist:

Adela Andea, Texas-based Andea is originally from Eastern Europe and primarily works in installation.

Space Between the Sound, Opening Performances from SKYDIVE on Vimeo.


MARGINALIA: The Exhibition Road Trip
ONE NIGHT ONLY - Monday, June 7, 7-9 PM

Skydive is pleased to present a one-night exhibition organized by James Riordan and Leslie Rosa-Stumpf. Pieces of original music will function as sound tracks for the viewing of several different groupings of work.  The evening will also include a book-binding workshop under the auspices of Saturday Free School for the Arts. 

Last year 55 invited artists from around the world read artist James Riordan’s English translation of French poet Francis Jammes’ 1903 novel Le Roman du Lievre. Using the themes contained within the text as a jumping off point (its plot most simply described as a cynical hare’s journey to heaven, co-starring St. Francis of Assisi), the artists created works in an individual fashion presenting a multitude of divergent personalities and processes. The project’s blog (, a form of digital marginalia, also served as another outlet where artists could post their related stories, ideas, research, etc.

This spring, the curators of the Marginalia exhibition, James Riordan and Leslie Rosa-Stumpf (, are taking an exhibition they organized last fall, which included works by over 50 international artists, on a road trip from Anchorage to New York City.

Here is the link to the project's webpage:

Elysa Lozano, Kayla Spann, Brian McNearney, Vlad Smolkin, Samuel T. Adams, Ted Mineo, Ali Aschman, Azikiwe Mohammed, jsun, Lindsay Clark, Ed Mighell, Sam Bornstein, Enrique Marty, Holden Attradies, Leah Schreiber, Anna Raupp, Stefano Minzi, Collin LaFleche, Gretchen Weiss, Beka Goedde, Jimmy Riordan, Brian Hutton, Mark Muro, Rosie Cooper, Florence Boyd, Ben Cove, Constantin Andiel, Emily Foden, Lara Hoke, Esy Casey, Lisa Rybovich Cralle, Emily Noelle Lambert, Lucy Ward, Colleen Asper, Trish Tillman, Alison Blickle, Nathan Manuel, Diann Bauer, Anda Saylor, Krista Peters, James D. Kaiser, Marisa Favretto, Anick Gosselin, Simon Woolham, Doug Williams, Craig Updegrove, Reverse Retro (Lukas Bouvrie and Tony Olexa), Hal Gage, Lawrence Stumpf, Mother Father Ghost(Stephan Koweluk), Bruce Farnsworth, Gretchen Sagan, Austin Lashley, Tommy O'Malley, Rachel Weber.


An Exhibition of Proposals for a Socialist Colony
March 27 – June 19, 2010
2318 Elgin, Houston, TX 77004
Eldorado Ballroom @Project Row Houses

Organized by Sasha Dela, Benison Kilby,
Elysa Lozano for Autonomous Organization, and Nancy Zastudil

HOUSTON, March 2, 2010 - The Skydive Office of Cultural Affairs is pleased to present An Exhibition of Proposals for a Socialist Colony.

In the mid 1800’s a box of national archives went missing during the Archive War causing Skydive’s land to revert to its original deed. It stipulates that the land be granted to any group starting a socialist colony on the property. The works in this exhibition are proposals for this new colony. They contribute a variety of perspectives on the fruitful paradoxes that reside in the quest for individual freedom and the necessity for social contracts, collective processes and their sometimes authoritarian implementation.

Mounted in Houston, Texas, the exhibition is set against a backdrop of the state’s historical independence from Mexico and the United States, and in which a libertarian spirit persists and is legally protected. There are no zoning laws in Houston: any enterprise can exist within any building or neighborhood. The premise of this exhibition takes advantage of this lenient civic stance (without it the proposed colony could never exist), to designate a zone for debate about where personal necessity ends and public life begins, and what role self-organization can play in the development of collective processes.

An Exhibition of Proposals for a Socialist Colony has been built fromproposals for systems, tools, communities, communications, resource use, historical research, democratic gestures, implementation, and a public relations campaign. To produce this project the artists and curators engaged in a collaborative practice, where artists could operate as organizers and decisions were subject to the group.

"Post Purchase Dissonance" Zanny Begg 2010 from SKYDIVE on Vimeo.

Participating artists include BAW, N55, Aharon, Amy Balkin, Zanny Begg, The Copenhagen Commune, Chto Delat/What is to be Done?, José Filipe Costa, Erin Elder, Amy Franceschini, Alex Lockett, David Mabb, Anna Pickering, The Public School, Jon Sack, Temporary Services, Chin Xaou Ti Won, and Duncan Wooldridge.

> Click for more information (PDF)



Sunday Soup: Houston
Sunday April 5, 2009, 12-4pm
Come have soup ($5) and contribute to a stimulus package for local artists!
On April 5th join members of Chicago-based InCUBATE, guest chef Randall Szott, and fellow members of your Houston community at SKYDIVE for "Sunday Soup: Houston."

"Sunday Soup" is a community meal that functions as a grant funding process.
Congrats to our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place winners:
1st place - Mindy Kober and students at the Houston Outdoor Learning Academy, for their interactive garden full of Texas native plants and vegetables.  Students will tend the garden, learn about environmental and community issues, and will harvest their own lunches.
2nd place - The American Wandering Club, proposed by Sean Carroll, will commission public sculpture on abandoned empty sites throughout Houston. "There is no ownership of the public art works, they are paid for and built to be disowned, left on empty properties, atrophied, potentially destroyed and possibly stolen. Bequeathed to the city’s dynamic whim, The American Wandering Club will document the creation, installation and presentation of sculptures wandering Houston."
3rd place - Darcy Nuffer and Leah Davis propose Farm Feed to be stationed in Downtown Houston. This project proposes to "re-introduce the agrarian system, which supports Houston, back into the city the through a series of live-feed sound-enabled digital projections connected to a pasture, orchard, greenhouse, farm field, and feedlot."


February 12 – March 11, 2009
OPEN HOUSE - work by Sarah Wagner and Jon Brumit
curated by Sasha Dela
"Home, for us, has been re-discovered and re-invented in our hearts and minds as the multiform and frequently fugitive structural relationship between ourselves and something larger than ourselves. It is our families, each other, our cats, our friends, former houses, dorm rooms, stories, a houseboat, dreams, foods, moving trucks, our studios, vans, tents, bike bags, friends' couches, an in-progress container home, our newest $100 home in Detroit and most importantly and perhaps most constantly each other - a morphing, evolving and strengthening bond through time and space, going on 17 years as a couple. Over this time we have worked together as artists, sculptors, builders, remodelers, repair-people and most recently as designers, growing through spirited and fierce dialog, sharing dreams, visions and hope." -Sarah Wagner and Jon Brumit



January 6 - January 31, 2009
Butterflies Shift North
Susan Chen presents a new installation using a unique combination of panoramic painting, projected video, and sculpture. Chen’s practice is inspired by 19th century Romantic painting of the sublime landscape and the mythical notion of Arctic Eden, the tropical paradise in the middle of a world of frozen oceans and glaciers. Chen states, “Leftover visual memories stemming from Caspar David Friedrich and John Martin get filtered though stories and pulp fiction from Jules Verne and sci-fi to movies and TV shows like “Lost”.  Islands and the arctic regions are my riffing point. These symbolic places for transformation are disappearing and once again the weather or nature has sublime power in it’s original sense of awesomeness and possible destruction of the viewer.”  Chen has created a large-scale panoramic experience of a futuristic landscape in the Skydive space.

photo by Pablo Gimenez Zapiola –
photo by Pablo Gimenez Zapiola –
photo by Pablo Gimenez Zapiola –

November 26 - December 24th, 2008
Thick as Thieves
"There is no overarching idea for Thick As Thieves other than the thought that these artists could come together to make a wonderful show. Even though each of the artists practices and products are dramatically different, yet they seem unified and complete. Each peice must be approached on its own terms and not necessarily the terms set forth by the exhibition. It is my hope, however, that settling these works into the same space will expand the scope of meaning and effectiveness, and only serve to intensify what I think makes them truly interesting artists and works of art."

THICK AS THIEVES is curated by A.J. Liberto and features work by Nellie Appleby, Andres Lombana in collaboration with A.J. Liberto, and Rebecca Carter.

Nellie Appleby
Rebecca Carter


October 22 - November 19, 2008
Insurance is Not Always Assured
Commercial and architectural cycles are bulimic in Houston.  The lifespans of housing and commercial spaces are brief, and little thought is given to the preservation of history.  "Insurance is Not Always Assured" explores the cyclical breakdown and redevelopment of the built environment, and how this affects our sense belonging or detachment  from the places we live, the spaces we work, and the buildings and cities through which we move.

"Insurance is Not Always Assured" is curated by Jonathan Durham and will include work by Thomas Doran, Emily Thompson, John Williams, and Katie Grinnan.